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Age groups

Toys that are specially designed to match the needs of babies and young children and that stimulate
their natural abilities are important companions as they steer their way through the early years. The aim
of this page is to provide a guide to help you select the appropriate ABC toys, as it enables you to search
according to age groups and product categories.

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The cute little bath animals for babies aged 3 months and over provide lots of... more
The ABC activity cube gives babies lots of different ways to develop their... more
The eight stacking cups that make up the ABC Stacking Pyramid and Bucket can be... more
The ABC farm puzzle with interactive farm animals is sure to provide plenty of... more
From the age of three months the senses are particularly stimulated by colours... more
The colourful rattles feature great designs for babies and make a melodious... more
Dangling over baby's cot, the soft music box in a sun, moon or star design soon... more
The “first rattle” by ABC is perfectly designed for little hands that can... more
Children love a cuddly companion to fall asleep with. When they cuddle or... more
The soft ball with 6 different colours rolls merrily across the floor. Lying on... more
Movement, conscious grasping and appealing to all senses are important... more
The colourful musical rattle can be easily grasped by babies. The three... more
The colourful teething ring by ABC is filled with water to help children with... more
This soft, easy-to-grasp ball from ABC is made from a soft material and has a... more
With the ABC Baby ball run, the individual parts can be put together in any... more
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