CMM Color change Heart Bag: New with colour change function! Now it's not all over after colouring in with Color Me Mine because coloured fields can later be changed again with the colour changing pen. As a result, not only are the three pen colours available but also another three colours which arise when the colour changing pen is used. The Color me mine Color Change Heart Bag is pre-marked with black lines that separate the individual fields from one another. A unique fashion bag emerges from the way that fields are coloured in with the coloured pens and the colour changing pen. The Color Me Mine Color Change Heart Bag is 27x23cm, is heart shaped and has a zip fastener that makes it easy to open or close the bag. The pens are supplied in orange, pink and blue and there is also a colour changing pen. The bag is of textile material and is suitable for children over 6 years of age.

Color Me Mine Colorchange Heart Bag

  • Article number: 106371459
  • Age recommendation: 6 - 9 years
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