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"The Morgan Gets Chickenpox Set comes complete with a large Corolle baby doll make-believe moms and dads will want to care for like a
real baby. Children can use the sponge and bath to help their baby doll feel better. Morgan is covered in spots - it must be chicken
pox! Just put Morgan in the special bath and wipe all over with the little sponge and some warm water: all the spots will disappear
and baby Morgan will be better in no time! The spots appear and disappear according to the temperature.
At 14”, this doll is just the
right size to be cradled in a child's arms - perfect for cuddling, mothering and practicing what grown-ups do when caring for their
With a delicately vanilla-scented body made entirely of soft-to-the-touch vinyl, Morgan can even sit up in the water! The
doll's sleepy eyes close when it's put down for a nap or at bedime, just like a real baby. Morgan Gets Chickenpox is part of the mon
grand poupon Corolle collection of dolls, fashions and accessories designed for caring for baby doll like real parents. Ages 2 and

Corolle MGP Morgan Gets Chickenpox

  • Article number: 9000130110
  • Age recommendation: 2 - 9 years
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