Interactive Lucille is the perfect present for little ones wanting a baby doll they can care love and care for just like real parents do. With her various sensors and accessories, Lucille is able to react and respond to your child's actions just like a real baby! She has X different functions:

At 17", this doll is just the right size for a small child's arms - perfect for cuddling, mothering and practicing what grown-ups do when caring for their babies.
Lucille's face, arms and legs are made of soft-touch vinyl that is delicately scented with vanilla. She has a huggably soft body, and she can suck her thumb just like a real baby. Lucille's sleeping eyes close when she is put down for a nap or at bedtime, also like a real baby. Dressed in pajamas and a matching headband, Lucille comes with accessories. Please note: Using another pacifier or bottle than the ones included will not make Lucille react.
Lucille is part of the mon grand poupon Corolle collection of dolls, fashions and accessories to help little ones take care of their baby doll the way their parents take care of them. Requires batteries (not included). Ages 3 and up.

Corolle Lucille interactive

  • Article number: 9000150050
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 10 years
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