Sweet Heart Swan Royale is the perfect present for baby's first birthday and/or first Christmas! This little 12” baby doll is just the
right size for a child's little arms and hands to hold and move easily. Its soft, bead-free body is light and easy to grasp. The
doll's head and hands are made of delicately vanilla-scented, soft-touch vinyl. The soft “romper and slippers” effect body is made of
several different fabrics to stimulate baby's senses. It is not removable. The hat can be taken off but stays attached to the body by
means of a clever little tab at the back of the head, so that it doesn’t get lost. Sweet Heart Swan Royale has a name-tag where you
can write your child's name, just in case the doll gets lost! Fixed eyes. Can be hand-washed. mon doudou Corolle: Friends forever.
Ages 9 months and up.

Corolle MDC Sweet heart Swan Royale

  • Article number: 9000100260
  • Age recommendation: 5 months - 4 years
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