The playground from the "Tip the Mouse" series is made of recycled stuff. The Tip the Mouse playground with Billy is a replica of the playground from the series. The friends have, for instance, built a slide out of an old plastic bottle. A small lift inside the bottle transports the animals to the top. From there, they can slide back down again. The playground additionally has a funny wobbly bridge. By pressing on the old ruler the wooden boards begin to shake. The whimsical forest dwellers can crawl through the tunnel to reach the trampoline. Press the red mushroom on the side to activate the trampoline and all the friends can bounce up and down. The redesigned bottle protects the trampoline from the sun and rain. A swing is fixed to the trampoline roof, and Tip and his friends can swing high in the sky and have lots of fun. The slide and playground measure 19x17x10cm and 23x15x12cm respectively. Besides the slide and the playground, the set also includes Billy, the small beaver. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

LEO Playground with Billy

  • Article number: 109222765
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 7 years
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