Evi LOVE Holiday Camper

Evi LOVE Holiday Fun – Evi is going on holiday!
Evi is getting ready to go on a big adventure in her cool pink camper van, which has
space for her and one passenger. On the back of the vehicle there is a bicycle rack, which Evi can use to carry her bike. The camper van can also be opened to reveal an amazing holiday toy set with 3 storeys and a range of a fun features.
The toy set includes everything that you would find in a real camper van, as well as numerous must-have accessories for girls. The small bathroom has a shower, a sink and a toilet with a folding lid, as well as makeup accessories for Evi. The camper van also contains a large kitchen, which Evi can use to prepare tasty dishes from around the world. In addition to an oven and a refrigerator, there is a toaster and a drawer for storing dishes. Next to the kitchen there is a grill – another must-have holiday accessory. A small staircase allows Evi to go outside. Underneath the kitchen there is a fold-out camping table, which can be used with the folding camping chairs. There is
At the end of the day Evi hangs her lanterns up and climbs up a small ladder into her cosy bed. The Simba Toys Evi LOVE Holiday Set includes a camper van, a fully movable Evi Love doll and 40 accessories. The camper van features a carry handle for easy transport, and all accessories can be stored inside the van. Designed for children aged 3 and above.

The Holiday Fun Camper Van Set can be combined with other toy sets from the Holiday Fun range, including Holiday Fun Friends, Holiday Fun Bicycle and Holiday Fun Stable.

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